Dirty Kitten Gravel Grinder
July 25, 2020
Locust Hill Farm & Preserve
Rapidan, VA

Registration is open!


Dirty Kitten Gravel Grinder

The purpose of the DKGG is to be a fun and recreational experience for folks in the MidAtlantic area (2-3 hours drive) who wish to ride the DKGR course either solo or with friends and/or teammates. Although “noncompetitive” in nature, there may be a few Strava segment challenges for those who wish to sprinkle in a little action along the way [wink wink]. Please keep in mind that this is NOT a race and folks will be expected to treat the event as such (i.e. follow proper group riding protocol, keep an appropriate distance from other riders, signal when passing, engage in safe riding activity, and be considerate of others on course).

DKGG Guidelines

DKGG Rider Start List

Start times (15 minutes apart) between 7:00-11:00AM and folks will be able to sign-up for specific time slots either individually or in small groups (5-10 riders) with other riders of their choosing. Participants will be asked to carry whatever they need with them for an entire lap (approx 20 miles): water, nutrition, flat pack, cell phone, etc. Participants may ride as many laps as they wish as long as they are finished by the designated cut-off time (3pm).

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